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A total washroom maintainer and disinfectant that instantly foams away dirt, soap scum, body fats, mineral deposits, rust and urinary salts. SPLASH CARESS is safe to use on glazed ceramic tiles, porcelain, shower partitions, melamine and painted surfaces, grouting and chrome. SPLASH CARESS will not discolour stainless steel urinals. Special high foaming, fast action formulation suits for application by foaming equipment.


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  • Highly active wide range cleaner suitable for all washroom surfaces; toilets, floors, hand basins, fixtures, showers and shower screens.
  • Presence of a quaternary ammonium compound.
  • Cleaning action bubbles away dirt, reducing the need for heavy scrubbing.
  • Leaves surfaces bright and shiny with a fresh powdery scent.
  • pH: 1.00-2.00

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