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S4 Saniclean Complete Cleaner Sanitiser for fast, effective removal of greases, fats and mould! S4 Saniclean Complete Cleaner Sanitiser is a specially formulated cleaner sanitiser which will effectively clean and sanitize all kitchens, bathrooms, tiled and hard surface areas. S4 Saniclean contains powerful wetting agents to emulsify heavy built up grease in food processing areas, dissolve and rinse away mould, scum and body fat in bathroom areas. Perfect for commercial kitchens, sporting facilities and hospitality. S4 Saniclean is a true multifuctional chemical that
has a clinging action which allows it to work well on: Commercial Kitchen splash backs, Shower walls and screens , Toilets, Tiled floors and walls. Any areas where cooking fats, grime and mould is a problem

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Weight 10 kg

5 Litre



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